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Noun a modern person; a person who advocates new ideas.

Neoteric Official was founded in 2018 to offer sneakerheads up-to-the-minute trainer news and release info across the UK. Focused on clean aesthetics and quality assured we work alongside established and emerging brands, big and small, to advocate the latest kicks and bits to wider audiences.

With exclusive weekly content and an ever-growing kick catalogue, know that Neoteric has your back! Every item in our catalogue is carefully selected with current trends, audience, and quality in mind.

Our signature kick crates launched in September 2019 – designed to store, secure and showcase all of your freshest kicks. We know that every kick’s a keepsake, so make sure to check out our shop!

You can also check out our IG @NeotericOfficial for more Neoteric content.

Samantha Rowland, Founder

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